General Information

NSP Personnel offer prospective candidates the opportunity to be introduced to varying different sites and industries. Whilst the terms of employment with NSP Personnel may be casual assignment by assignment, many of our clients select workers from the casual pool of workers on their site.NSP Personnel openly encourage the transition of its casual workers after the negotiated period with its client.NSP Personnel receive literally hundreds of resumes per month. Many resumes we receive have varying degrees of experience in various fields of employment. NSP Personnel strive to provide every candidate the opportunity for interview, however those that are not selected for interview or the positions are not necessarily unsuccessful. NSP Personnel’s interview and selection process selects the very best candidate for the role based on the weighting of each individual candidate. If at any point that you are not selected for interview or a position you are very welcome to re-apply for any subsequent positions arising.


What is Casual Employment?

A casual employee is one who is usually engaged for either short term, irregular or seasonal work and is paid on an hourly basis. As such a casual generally does not accrue benefits such as annual leave, sick leave or payment for public holidays that apply to full time employees and part time employees, but they are paid a casual loading which covers these benefits.

Generally speaking normal minimum engagement for a casual employee is 4 Hours.

As a casual employee of NSP Personnel you are employed on an assignment by assignments basis. It’s important to remember, though our service staff may indicate to you the length of the assignment this may change at short notice.


When you are selected to attend an interview

When you are selected for an interview please ensure that you bring with you the following:

  • Tax File number
  • Bank Account number including BSB number
  • Drivers Licence or identification
  • Proof of Working Visa
  • Contactable referees from your last 3 Years of Employment.


What can I expect when I attend an interview at NSP Personnel

When attending our office each candidate is required to complete an employee application pack. This form asks questions such as: What shifts are you available for or how far are you prepared to travel and what type of work you are seeking.

You will also be required to participate in NSP Personnel OH&S induction programs which take approximately 25 Mins.

The experienced and industry trained consultant will then sit with you and discuss your previous working history, and what type of work you are seeking.

At any time during the interview you have any questions or uncertainties, please feel comfortable to raise them with your consultant.



Each candidate is selected and assessed on their overall suitability for a position. Completing the interview process does not automatically mean that you will be employed by NSP Personnel. Your official registration will not take effect until such time that you have attended an assignment as instructed by NSP Personnel.

NSP Personnel selects candidates either directly from their existing casual employee pool or through the recruitment selection process.

Candidates that have attended interviews and have not been immediately placed will remain on a pending database. You may be offered alternative roles subject to your skills and experience. You are not obliged to accept any positions with NSP Personnel should you feel that they are unsuitable.