Preparing for an interview should be viewed as an essential part of the interview process.


Basic Preparation

Arriving at an interview well prepared with the relevant information and a copy of your resume (even if you have already sent a copy) sends a positive signal to your interviewer.


Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene is most important, taking the time to groom yourself and making sure that you use the appropriate personal hygiene products also sends a positive signal to your interviewer. Most interviewers will respect people’s right to individuality in their fashion style but there is no excuse for lack of personal hygiene.



Research the job advertised to see whether it’s suitable for you, applying for a position that you are not suited to or have no experience in will generally end in failure.

Try to approach the interview in a positive manner, although you may be nervous you need to accentuate your positive aspects and answer all questions truthfully and with points relevant to the job that you are applying for.

In today’s world people move around in jobs more than ever, if you have had various jobs try to accentuate the roles that you have held that are most applicable to the job that you are applying for and give good detailed answers that show your experience in the particular field.

If you are requested to bring extra information make sure that you have it with you. Also if you name referees for contact, make sure that that they still work at the particular companies and also that you have their permission to use their name. Untraceable referees mean that your credentials cannot be checked and could adversely affect your application.

If you are unsuccessful in application, ask the reasons why and use the information to refine your interview technique in the future, not to justify your lack of success.

Remember also that failure to be successful in a particular application is not the end of the world. Most interviewers are trying to find the best ‘fit’ of candidate, client and position. If you are not the best “fit” for a position, use the experience to look at whether you are applying for the “right” type of jobs to suit you.