Developing from an Australian owned and operated engineering company (established in 1989) specialising in the food and pharmaceutical industry. In 1996 NSP Personnel started supplying extra maintenance and production labour to their clients.

This means that NSP Personnel understands first hand the importance of good human resource management.

Due to the nature of the industries worked in, NSP Personnel has always maintained the highest quality systems and procedures in it’s day to day business. This is evidenced in our Quality Assurance Accreditation and low incidence of workplace accidents and Workcover claims.

NSP Personnel outgrew the Engineering arm of the company and now focuses entirely on supplying labour in the Trade, Semi-Skilled and General Industrial areas. NSP Personnel is proud of it’s achievements in supplying to industry and servicing the greater community. Our past track record shows a line of continuous improvement based on measurable criteria and we have in place a policy of continuously monitoring and improving all aspects of our business.